Cardigan Welsh Corgis vs Toy Pig Will Have You Laughing Your Socks Off


Who needs a TV when you have Cardigan Welsh Corgis herding a pig for entertainment? Granted, it isn’t a REAL pig but it’s still riotously funny nevertheless!

These 6 week old pups really don’t know what to make of the toy pig as it jerks around on the floor. They sniff and stare before backing away as it wibbles towards them. Hmm, looks like Cardigan Welsh Corgis aren’t the most courageous breed in the world (but possibly one of the cutest dog breeds on the planet)! One of the bracer pups decides to give his loudest bark at the oinking piglet and looks bewildered when the battery operated menace just keeps walking!

The others soon join in, wanting to play with this strange pink playmate, crouching down and wagging their tails but alas, the piggy has no interest in playing. This infuriates one puppy who decides that dragging the pig by the tail in his teeth will teach him a lesson! All of the puppies then join in having a good old chew. Perhaps they worked out that there may be sausages on the horizon?

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