Bulldog Puppies First Walk Is Just The Cutest

bulldog puppies first walk

Hold on to your hats because these wee fellas will make your toes go tingly and your heart burst open. Little darling Bulldog puppies are learning to walk for the first time.

Listen to the squeaky little mites as the ploddle (is that a word? If not, it should be – perfect onomatopoeia there!) around on their chubby little puppy legs. Watch a white puppy put all his effort and tiny yips into getting his podgy butt off the ground to go for his first walk. The lovely little thing looks like someone has dropped a Mr Whippy ice cream on the ground; ERMAGHERD SO CUTE!

Then we have a brown and white puppy, who appears to have given up before he has even begun with a very sad look on his wrinkly face before trotting away then looking slightly confused at what just happened. The two of them bimble around and drag themselves across the floor like only the cutest little squeaking puppies can. Everybody say “awww!”

Will they both make it to four feet? Watch to the end to find out!

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