Bulldog Gives Humans A Lesson In Finger Chewin’


All puppies are adorable, we know, but we think we may have a contender for world’s cutest puppy here. Why? Because he knows exactly which strings to pull to make you say ‘Awww’. Want the evidence? Ok!

1. Be titchy tiny wee small – this English Bulldog is so small he could fit in the palm of your hand!

2. Have skin so wrinkly you can fold it over on itself – GIMME A HANDFUL OF THAT CHUB!

3. Have the cutest, wrinkliest little face – bonus marks if you can’t tell if it is a dog or a piglet.

4. Chew on your owner’s finger with joyful abandon – this pup sucks and nibbles and chews for all he is worth.

5. Have the totes adorbs bark down to a tee – our puppy has turned feeble yipping into an art form.

Just look at him gnawing away and then wait for his little jump at the end!

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