Boston Terrier Is Hysterical When He Eats


Most dogs tend to stick their nose in a bowl and chomp away at their dinner, usually whilst standing on all four feet. Not this little chap. A tiny Boston Terrier puppy takes lunchtime to a new level in this video.

He starts off fairly sedately, getting stuck in to his dinner, and then you notice his back legs starting to quiver a little and then…wait for it….completely rise up off of the floor! Whoever heard of eating whilst doing handstands?

He is just adorable as he continues snaffling down his grub, getting more and more excited and more and more unstable on his front paws until finally FLIP! He overdoes it and does a backflip, nearly landing in his dinner. Thankfully, Mum is on hand to rescue him.

We laughed so hard at this determined little fella. Does your dog have any funny eating habits?



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