Blind Dog Needs A New Owner – Can YOU Be Ray’s New Mom or Dad?

Ray Snarles

Ray Snarls (so called because he is blind, as his similarly named comrade, Ray Charles!) is in need of a new home. This adorable dog has just lost his owner to a brain tumour, and sadly, prospective adoptive parents are turning a blind eye to his plight. Ray had glaucoma as a puppy so had both eyes removed, but he hasn’t let this impairment stop him from living life to the full!

His foster parents say that he is loving and kind and great with kids, as well as being super smart – he can tell where the cacti are in Tucson, Arizona, just by sniffing them out! They have kindly offered free training and boarding for the rest of Ray’s lifetime to those special owners that choose to take this beautiful fur ball home.

If you are interested in adopting Ray, head to for more details!

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