Big Sister To The Rescue For This Pup Having A Nightmare


Jackson the 1 year old Doubledoodle (that’s a half golden doodle and half labradoodle to you and me) is having a terrible dream. Laid on the sofa, his paws are sprinting through the air, his lips are drawn back in a mini snarl and he generally seems to be in the midst of a horrifying nightmare. The poor little darling!

Luckily, his Goldendoodle sister Laika is around to rescue him! Laika is a great big sister, being 6 months older than Jackson and knows just how to calm her little brother down. All it takes is a big leap up onto the sofa and then sitting on him! Laika places her paw on Jackson’s face to sooth him, and when that doesn’t work, lies down for a lovely cuddle, wrapping her arms around her fluffy sibling.

These two are so cute!

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