Beautiful Story Of Dog Running For First Time Thanks To 3D Printing


This is the story of the beautiful Derby who was sadly born disabled with underdeveloped front legs. He had real difficulty getting around especially outside on tarmac, where the abrasive surface caused pain on his exposed limbs.

The brave and courageous Derby’s luck changed when he was discovered by animal lover and 3D Systems employee Tara Anderson.

She was affected by his disability so much that she decided to care for him and find a way of improving his life.

Tara started Derby on a wheelchair style apparatus, however it limited his speed too much and limited his ability to play with other dogs. So Tara and a team at 3D Systems attempted to create custom made unique prosthetic legs produced from 3d printers.

Witness his heart warming story and how the new prosthetic legs changed his life.

Way to go Derby!

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