Beautiful German Shepherd is SO Excited to See His Mum Again


Johann the German Shepherd just sums up how awesome having a dog to come home to is. His Mum had to go away for a day and a half and left him in safe and capable hands but when she returns, oh boy… can you say happy dog? Johann is ecstatic that she is back, jumping up, whimpering, licking and generally getting overexcited to see her again. The tippity tap of his paws as he trots around eagerly is one that every dog owner is familiar with!

The beautiful dog is SO adorable as he sits on his Mum on the sofa, almost as if he is trying to stop her leaving ever again. He spins and licks and gazes adoringly at her and is truly funny as he seems to respond to questions: “Was it Awful?” “Hoooowwwwlllyesssshooowwlll” “Are you happy?” “Howwwwlllyesshooowwwlll!”

Are your dogs as excited to see you when you get home?



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