Beagles Rescued From Animal Testing Laboratory In Korea


The Beagle Freedom project focuses on rescuing Beagles from animal testing laboratories. Beagles are the most popular breed for laboratory testing across the world and the 5 dogs in this video have been rescued from Seoul, Korea and have just landed in America after a 20 hour flight.

Watching them feel and sniff grass for the first time in their lives is just so heart-warming and seeing how calm and friendly they are towards humans is lovely to watch, especially when you discover they have been in a laboratory 6 whole years since birth.

These dogs have loving foster homes lined up where other dogs will teach them how to become dogs, rather than animal testing ‘resources’.

Please consider donating to the Beagle Freedom project who have now rescued 400 dogs in 4 years and are campaigning to change the law to prevent dogs remaining in laboratories after testing is completed. Read more about their wonderful work and donate here: