Bark To Order Prank Is Hysterical!


This prank show got some unsuspecting lunchtime diners totally reeled in to woofing in public and it’s hilarious! A hot dog stand, complete with its very own German Shepherd server, has been set up in a plaza. To order food items, people are required to ‘bark to order’.

People are wary at first, with some giving very suspicious looks and others jumping when the server barks hello but soon, the hot dog stand is open for business! People read the menu, which tells them how many woofs are needed to order each meal, then bark once, twice or three times into a microphone on the counter! Their order is immediately delivered through a hatch by doggy paws and their server even gives them change for their payment! The whole thing is really funny but the big payoff is at the end when the customers realise how they have been caught out on camera!