Awesome Dogs Wait For Their Names To Be Called


Wow! These clever canines are the epitome of good training and patience. They have learnt only to come when their name is called and are the perfect examples of well-behaved dogs!

A motley crew of different mutts, Ginger, Nelly, Lexie, Oakley, Pepper, Sally, Riva, Cisco, Henry, Silah, Gadget, Sophie, Ipso, Tavish and Daisy all respond to their names and trot out of the pen obediently.

Unfortunately, not ALL of the dogs are awesomely well behaved when we see that Echo has quite pointedly turned his back on proceedings and makes everyone wait for him, maybe because he is upset at being last to be picked, or maybe because he is gazing off into the distance, planning an escape tunnel! Whatever it is, his training kicks in very swiftly and he bounds out too. What cuties all of them are!