Amazing Husky Speaking English


Mishka is no ordinary Husky. This gal can talk! Ok, sometimes her talking could be interpreted as ‘aworororo’ regardless of the word being said, but prick up your ears a little and you can definitely decipher this canine conversation!

First, we discover her political leanings as she proudly says “Obama!” Then, we are treated to a very polite “hello”. Mishka’s beautiful blue eyes are entrancing as she says “how are you?”, or in this case, “how are youwoowooooo?”

When asked if she is hungry, she responds with a very affirmative “HUNGRY!” before telling us she is “happy”! You will giggle as she tells you she loves you multiple times and calls for her sibling ‘Monkey’. She has also been taught how to say “thank you” and “goodbye”.

The funniest bit is when Mishka is asked if she is stupid – wait and hear her response!



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