Adorable Singing Dog Makes You Feel His Love


Rev the dog loves his naps. What he DOESN’T love is being woken up by traffic and siren noises in the city. Luckily, his owner has just the thing to stop him getting too grumpy at being woken up so rudely

Who knew that Adele’s ‘Make You Feel my Love’ could have quite an effect on a dog? As soon as the opening bars play on the laptop, Rev runs over to check things out, before crooning along with Adele’s dulcet tones! He knows EXACTLY when the lyrics start and his pitch is pretty perfect (for a dog!) He harmonises along with her throughout the song, giving an extra howl when the chorus kicks in and his tail doesn’t stop wagging, he is enjoying the tune so much.

We think Rev has a future on The Dog Factor or Puppy Idol for sure!