Adorable Puppy & Kitten Buddies Will Take Your Breath Away


Ruggles the tiny shih-tzu puppy was rescued during a puppy mill bust in 2014. Chompers the kitten was found left abandoned under a porch when she was only two days old. Despite their rough starts in life, they were able to find beauty and joy in life – and in each other!

The adorable fluff balls became fast friends, enjoying play time and snuggles with each other as Ruggles learnt to walk on unstable, chubby puppy legs and Chompers started to find her way in the world!

With the help of the animal shelter who looked after them for their first few weeks at life, they turned into happy and healthy young animals. Both were adopted into loving family homes (separately, unfortunately Chompers started to live up to her name and kept nibbling on Ruggles!)

Ruggles, along with his new Mom, is now an official ambassador for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. He does a great job educating kids about puppy mills and shelter dogs. We do love a happy ending!

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