Adorable Puppy And Kitten Play Fighting Is Just Too Joyous To Watch


FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! These puppy and kitten playmates square up to each other in a play fight to end all play fights. In the red corner, we have kitten. Weighing in at the same as a bag of sugar, this wonderkid has a mean left hook. In the blue corner, puppy. He may be about to go up a weight class due to the pudgy tummy and is renowned for his fast reflexes.


Puppy gets in early with a quick nip to kittens ear, which kitten looks MOST unimpressed about. In retaliation, there is a nosh on puppy’s butt by the fiendish kitten. Could it be a knockout? Puppy recovers and pins kitten to the sofa as he tries to bite her but kitten gets the fangs out and delivers a swift OM NOM to puppy’s tummy.

Puppy changes gears and tries a new approach, chomping on kitten’s paw which incenses her. She goes all out with her signature move ‘The Double Paw Grab Butt Munch’, socking it to puppy good and proper. It looks like doggy is out for the count…but is he? Keep watching to see who wins this clash of the mini titans!