Adorable Orphaned Puppy Adopted By A Cat


OK, get the Kleenex ready folks, because this one will have you sniffling for sure. The BBC’s show Pets – Wild At Heart tells the story of a beautiful orphaned puppy who was abandoned by his mother but somehow ended up being adopted by…a cat!

Watch as Mum cat grooms and plays with the squeaking puppy as if he were one of her litter who were born on the same day as him. What a lucky boy!

However, he needs to learn how to be a cat about town, getting used to the social niceties of the feline world including working out where to suckle. Bless his socks, he kind of gets it completely wrong, leading to a bunch of very disgruntled kittens! This new family is just totally adorable and we for one can’t wait to see what happens next!

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