Adorable Monkey Looks After Even More Adorable Puppies


It’s not every day you get to mix a monkey with a litter of puppies, but when you do, you can be guaranteed of a cute overload – which is exactly what happens here!

This Capuchin Monkey has taken to parenthood like a duck to water (or should that be monkey to water?) He clucks and whistles at the puppies and gently strokes their fur to help them sleep. Unfortunately, this seems to have the opposite effect, waking the tiny bundles up and making them want some more attention!

‘Momkey’ (see what we did there?!?!) then goes into grooming mode, ensuring his little puppies are tick and flea free, before looking up to the camera and his ‘people’ to see if he is doing this parenting thing right. He then looks proudly on at his new family – just too sweet for words.

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