Adorable German Shepherd Tries Everything To Avoid Going Into The Kennel

German Shepherd Kennel

Ranger the German Shepherd REALLY doesn’t like going to his kennel, as this hysterical video shows! When his owner gives the command “Kennel”, he has a mini tantrum on the sofa, rolling around like a proverbial stroppy teenager yelling “I don’t wanna!”

When that doesn’t work, he decides to try going down the cute route, raising his paws up as if praying to a higher being for help. Unfortunately, the Doggy Deity has abandoned Ranger today because it doesn’t work; his owner still wants him in his kennel.

Ranger’s doggy Dachshund friend looks on with a mix of boredom and exasperation as Ranger decides that hiding under the cushions will get him out of this awful task. He burrows in good and proper, and like all pooches, seems to believe that if he can’t see YOU, you can’t see HIM. Silly dog.

At this point, Ranger’s owner takes pity and offers him a treat instead. OH BOY! Ranger shakes it out and jumps up, ready to follow THAT command!


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