Adorable German Shepherd Puppy Wants To Play With Mum


It’s been a hard day, guarding the house, making sure your people are doing their chores, looking after the kids…..and all you want is just 5 minutes of downtime for yourself. For this poor German Shepherd new mummy, that ain’t gunna happen! Her pup has decided it is playtime and boy is she gunna get it.

The pupster starts off subtle, gently leaning against her snoozing Mum, you know, just to let her know she is up and ready to rumble. When that doesn’t work, she starts to have a good old chew on Mum’s ear. Poor Mum wakes up instantly and gently pushes her pup away, who promptly splats on the floor before looking at the camera with a ‘’What are YOU lookin’ at?’’ face before having a stretch to limber up for her next plan of attack. It’s so cute!

This pup is no quitter, so decides to approach things from a different angle, chomping on Mum’s tail and hoping for some playtime with it. The silly tail just lays there though, leaving a disappointed little puppy looking back at the camera for help. ‘’Hey guys, can you get this thing to work?’’

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