Adorable Dog Saved From A Dog Meat Market Finds A Forever Home


Some countries sell dog meat for human consumption. Luckily for Mary, a beautiful Shiba Inu pup, she was one of seven dogs rescued from a dog meat market last summer. Mary was flown to San Francisco by her rescuers, where she was given a good bath. Watching Mary’s face as she has kind hands rub bubbles into her and gets spruced up and pampered is a joy – she really enjoys herself!

Once Mary had been cleaned up, she got to go home with a foster mother, who looked after her until she was adopted three weeks later. It is horrifying to think that this beautiful, gentle and trusting family pet could have ended up on a dinner plate. The dog meat trade is barbaric and thousands upon thousands of dogs find their end in back street slaughterhouses. Please help end this awful trade by sharing Mary’s story to raise awareness.

Dogs are friends, not food.

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