Adorable Dancing Doggies Will Melt Your Heart


Ok folks, careful you don’t break your neck trying to mimic these adorable dancing doggies. What with Take That reducing in numbers, One Direction seemingly imploding and who knows what happened to The Wanted and Union J, we are in need of a new boy band. These doggies could be the next big thing if their fancy moves are anything to go by.

Why did no one else think of chucking Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam And Zayn in the boot of a car to practice their dance moves? They would have HAD to get along with each other, just like these cute critters. Watch them cock their heads in time to the music. They look like dog versions of hand bells!

They all seem to enjoy their posing a lot and we reckon they could give any human boy band a run for their money, even if they don’t sing. (Hey, with some bands, that can be a good thing – remember One True Voice?)