Adorable Bulldog Puppy Shares Kisses And Hugs With Baby


Take one Bulldog puppy and one human baby and what do you get? A whole bucket full of cuteness of course!

This tiny little Bulldog nipper has his sights set on his big brother and is demanding kisses, shmushing his face right in there and pushing for cuddles!

After a while he gives up as he isn’t getting much response and decides to use baby’s finger as a replacement pacifier, gently mouthing him as if to say “Hey, I’m right here!” The baby doesn’t look too impressed with this and puppy picks it up straight away, going back to licks and snuggles to show how much he loves his brother. Unfortunately, big bro thinks having his ear licked isn’t much fun either!

When daddy asks baby “What do you think about the puppy?” baby’s face says it all – it’s absolutely hilarious!

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