Adorable Bulldog Puppy Can’t Stop Kissing Owner


When talking to non-dog lovers, the issue of human and dog kissing is usually the thing that sparks off lots of ‘EWWW’s. People live in fear of a dog having licked his nether regions (or another dogs nether regions) and screw their nose up at the thought of all the disgusting things they eat and sniff.


Those guys are missing out on one of the best things about dogs! Doggy kisses are awesome (if a little unhygienic). Receiving a lick from a dog can really brighten your day and who can resist giving their own dog lots of little pecks throughout the day? This owner certainly can’t during this video, although to be fair, he is kinda being forced into it!

His adorable puppy Bulldog is all about the kisses, and isn’t satisfied with just one or two. No, as soon as one round of smooching stops, he baps his paw on his owners face, demanding some more attention. With his little tongue stuck out and wrinkly folds of skin he is the cutest little bundle of kisses we’ve seen today! Go forth and kiss those dogs people!

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