Adorable Baby & Dog Fetch Game


What came first, the chicken or the egg? Or in this case, which came first; the dog teaching the baby to play fech, or the other way round?

Take one slippy kitchen floor, one tennis ball, an adorable 7 month old baby and a gorgeous dog and you get the cutest little scene you ever did see.

The baby quickly catches on when the dog pushes the ball towards him, dropping it on cue for the dog to skedaddle after it and bring it back. The baby thinks this is hystericale and giggles away like nobodies ebusiness! The dog;s face is a picture too – wide mothed and excited, complemented by a very waggy tail!

The cleverest bit? The dog knowing she has to get the ball super close to the baby for it him to pick it up and throw. Watch these little cuties have a bunch of fun together – it will really warm your heart.

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