Abused Pit Bull Is Given The Best Day Of Her Life

Caitlyn Best Day Ever

Caitlyn had a really bad life. She was found with her muzzle taped cruelly shut by some barbaric human being and her story went viral across America. Charleston Animal Society were called in to help Caitlyn and performed multiple surgeries to help her get better. Her physical scars improved, but her emotional scars will never go away. To help her try to forget her torment, BarkPost decided to give her the best day ever. And what a day it was!

Caitlyn was given ‘The Bone to the City’ before being led to an AWESOME Christmas gift of a gajillion tennis balls to chase. Next, Caitlyn was allowed onto the fire truck as an honorary firehouse dog! One of Caitlyn’s original rescuers was fireman Josh, who gave Caitlyn lots fo runs and kisses on her fabulous day out. Next up, the local Starbucks made Caitlyn her very favourite whipped cream treat. Caitlyn also got a bonanza load of gifts under the Christmas tree back at the shelter, whilst the shelter itself received $1000 from BarkPost to help them continue their work. What a fantastic day all round! All of the others helter dogs were then invited to the party – Santa Paws really showed up for these pooches! Watch to the end to find out the rest of Caitlyn’s story…