Abused Dog Brought Back From The Brink Of Death By Volunteers’ Love


Rescue From The Hart was contacted recently about a dog that had been severely abused. The animal rescue group based in Los Angeles was horrified to find Angel, a dog that had been intentionally starved. She was malnourished, her organs were shutting down and she was emaciated beyond comprehension.

Rescue From The Hart aims to raise awareness, effect change and reduce pet population and Angel proved to be a perfect example of just how much awareness and change is needed in pet ownership.

When Angel arrived at the rescue centre, she was dying. Rescue From the Hart staff didn’t hold out much hope for her future. What they needed was a miracle.

They got a miracle.

Source: Rescue From The Hart – YouTube

Lots of volunteers and well-wishers visited Angel in hospital, giving love and lots of cuddles to the poor dog. One volunteer was the little girl pictured below.

As Angel gazed into the eyes of the little girl and the other volunteers, she seemed to regain some hope and strength. Rescue From the Hart refused to give up on Angel, and Angel refused to give up on life.

Source: Rescue From The Hart – YouTube

Watch the amazing video below charting Angel’s road to recovery.

Seeing Angel so happy after her recovery is so life-affirming. Isn’t she a doll?

As for the person who did this to Angel? She was named and shamed on Rescue From The Hart’s Instagram account , where they informed the world that she had been arrested.

The best news of course is that after her horrific experiences, Angel found a forever home where she will be cared for properly.

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Posted by Rescue From The Hart on Thursday, November 26, 2015

How to help: If you would like to help dogs like Angel, please think about donating to From The Hart Rescue via their website or their Facebook Page.

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