Abandoned Puppy Is Rescued In The Mountains – Happy Ending Ahoy!


It’s not every day you get to rescue a puppy in the desert. For Alex and Cedar, who were partaking in ‘Sufferfest 2’ an expedition involving biking 800 miles and climbing 45 iconic towers in the US in just three weeks, they got to do just that.

During a pee break on their epic cycling mission, Cedar discovered a whimpering abandoned puppy curled up in a tyre. The adventurers named the pooch ‘Sufferpup’ and their expedition became a triple effort! Unfortunately, Cedar and Alex were not as good at being puppy parents as adventurers, giving the pup string cheese for dinner and wearing the result when it got chucked back out by the cute hound. They proceeded to make a kennel from a beer cooler and made Sufferpup their mascot, keeping their spirits high with frequent cuddles!

Sufferpup went from being a close to death little pup to a happy, healthy dog with the help of Cedar and Alex and he had his happy ending – after the expedition he was adopted by friends of the pair and lives a great life in Colorado!

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