Abandoned Puppies Get A New Shot At A Happy Life


Sometimes humans amaze us, and not in a good way. These two puppies were abandoned by their owner for a week with no food or fresh water and left outside on a top floor balcony. Luckily, a neighbour spotted them and called the RSPCA.

The RSPCA were able to access the puppies, finding them severely underweight, riddled with worms and living in a very dirty environment, including a dead snake as a companion.

The puppies were taken into RSPCA care, where they were fed a special diet and given a full health check before going to live with foster carers. You are able to see the ribs showing through the skin of the puppies, indicating just how poorly looked after they were.

Luckily, the dogs had no lasting damage from their experience, and after being fattened up a bit and loved and cared for, were adopted into loving family homes. Both dogs are doing really well, thanks to the efforts of a keen eyed neighbour, the RSPCA and their new families.

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