A Siberian Husky’s Love Letter To Her Doggy Boyfriend Is Too Cute!


Laika and Rook the Siberian Huskies are childhood sweethearts, falling in love at first sight as puppies. They play the equivalent of kiss chase and pull each other’s pigtails to let each other know how they feel! There is even a spot of what looks like giving each other love bites!

Alas, after their first meeting, Rook moved house and Laika had to wait a good while to see him again. But then the reunion happened.

Laika waits anxiously by the front door as Rook walks up the front path and literally can’t wait to see him, squeezing through a slightly open front door to give her gorgeous Rook some kisses. The pair of them get on with playing before actually ‘getting it on’ and spending some time hugging each other. Throughout the film you can see how much Laika loves Rook, gazing adoringly at him whilst he gnaws on her leg and gives her kisses. Ah, a doggy romance always cheers our day!