“She does stay right by your side.”

Jubilee / Facebook: Jubilee

Look at that face. Just look at it. How could anyone say goodbye to this beautiful girl?

Well, that’s just what Jubilee’s former owner did a little while back, bringing her to the front door of a Texas animal shelter, which doesn’t have official hold times and unfortunately has to euthanize healthy animals when space becomes a real issue. He explained that his main reason for abandoning her was that “she always wants to be by my side.”

Poor Jubilee’s story was immediately picked up by a number of news outlets and social media avenues where a plea was made for prospective new owners to come forward for the lovely Blue Heeler/Irish Setter mix dog.

The power of the internet, combined with Jubilee’s sad story, saw the shelter being flooded with enquiries about the one year old pooch, and Jubilee now has a brand new home with a family who will truly appreciate this loving dog.

Jubilee’s new Mom, Samantha Fewox, told reporters that she was convinced that Jubilee was destined for her home. “I knew I was supposed to have her,” she said. “It touched me. She loved so much.”

Jubilee’s new family consists of Samantha, her other rescue dog Abby, Samantha’s mother and her teenage son, who has become the person Jubilee has decided to Velcro herself to!
“She loves him,” Samantha explains. “She does stay right by your side.”

Little Jubilee’s eyes and attention, were all on her new owner as she left the building Saturday. Congrats to her new family ~ Happy Trails Jubilee!!!

Posted by Montgomery County Animal Shelter Texas on Monday, November 23, 2015


Whilst it is easy to pass judgment on those that surrender dogs for seemingly trivial reasons, Minda Emas Harris, rescue coordinator for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, is keen to point out that things aren’t always as they seem.

The owner described a number of other issues he had had with Jubilee and he also explained that Jubilee “…ate his sofa, chewed a baseboard, a cushion, etc.” Minda says that he actually did the right thing; “He brought her to a shelter, hoping we would do what we are supposed to do — find her a home.”

And find a home Jubilee did. Had her owner decided, like many others, to leave her by the roadside or dumped her in the woods, or even euthanized her himself, Jubilee may not have had the chance of a happy ever after. Samantha is grateful to the man for doing what he did, as she is now the proud owner of a beautiful dog she loves very much.

“I am so thankful he made the decision to do that or we would not have this sweet little dog in our life,” she said.

Jubilee / Facebook: Jubilee

Although this is the beginning of a happy ending for Jubilee, Samantha is conscious that the whole experience must be very disorientating and confusing for her. It’s evident that Jubilee needs some settling in time, and some training to help her with the behavioural issues that saw her being surrendered by her previous owner.

The plan is to bring in a professional dog trainer that can help Jubilee with her behaviour and ensure that she can stick with Samantha and her new family forevermore. Samantha is positive about the future, regardless of the additional support Jubilee will need.

“I think it’ll all be great,” she says. “I think it was meant to be.”

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The Montgomery County Animal Shelter still has a lot of dogs and cats searching or their happy ever after homes.