A Bulldog Throwing A Tantrum About Fashion Is Hilarious


Poor little Marshall the English Bulldog Puppy. His Mom has decided that he looks REALLY cute in a little red and white striped jumper. He looks like a canine version of Where’s Wally!

Marshall is distinctly unimpressed at the fashion choice and lets Mom know through a serious of barks, growls and stern ‘Paddington Bear Stares’. He tries twisting and rolling himself out of the sweater but no joy and to make matters worse, Mom is filming him in this ridiculous get up! You can tell Marshall is thinking “Mooommm, what if all the bigger dogs seeeee??”

Marshall admits defeat and toddles off for a few snacks from his bowl but he is still determined to show his Mom he is unhappy, pointedly ignoring her calls and tapping and laughter, finally returning back to the kitchen with an air of total exasperation and embarrassment. What a cutie!


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