8 Dogs That Are Definitely Guilty, But So Cute You Just Have To Forgive Them

Guilty Dogs

Our canine buddies sometimes get up to no good.

Who are we kidding? OFTEN get up to no good. This motley crew of guilty dogs show us their misdemeanours, including trash raiding, toilet paper throwing and cat treat nibbling. Of course, who can get too mad at them when they offer up sad eyes, cute smiles and that adorable sloping shiftily away walk? These dogs deserve a pardon for their crimes!

1. Sunny The Renegade Pooper

Sunny the Chihuahua has a LOT of explaining to do. Someone pooped in the kitchen and her friend Judy the Australian Terrier isn’t taking the blame for it, completely ratting out poor Sunny! Sunny knows the game is up, but look at how adorable those big eyes are. Forgiven!


2. Naughty Great Dane Scarpers Through the Cat Flap

Who got in the trash? Seven the Great Dane, that’s who! The proof? When asked who got in the trash, Seven doesn’t wait around for a telling off and promptly legs it, squeezing out of the cat flap before you can say “naughty step” Too cute for punishment…


3. French Bulldog Messes Up The House

“Who made this mess?” is the question every dog dreads, especially this guilty toilet paper covered French Bulldog. She would have got away with it if it wasn’t for her Bull Mastiff buddy grassing her up with a direct accusation! Her sad, sad puppy face means all is forgiven though.


4. Kitty Cat Treat Thief Is Rumbled

Denver the Labrador is guilty as sin for eating the cat’s treats – it’s written all over his face. Still, he adopts the tried and tested ‘avoid eye contact and admit to nothing’ approach with his owner, which doesn’t work, ending up with a kennel time out. It will be a short one because how can you stay angry at a face like that?

5. The Guilty Dog Walk

Ah, this old classic. The best way to avoid a telling off in a dog’s mind? Make yourself as small and slow as possible and hope nobody spots you leaving the scene of the crime. This cute puppy’s slow stroll indicates guilt, as do her baleful eyes, but we forgive her!


6. Guilty Corgi Gardener

Lexi thinks she has green paws but gardening isn’t her forte, Digging up the lawn hasn’t impressed her owner. Her little legs means she can’t run away from her telling off so she does the next best thing: rolls over and flashes her tummy, hoping for tickles. Canine court judges that Lexi gets off on bail, the cutie.


7. Cookie Monster Husky

An empty cookie wrapper and a VERY guilty looking Shiloh the Husky? We wonder what happened here. Shiloh knows she has been caught in the act so puts on her most pathetic face and tries to look cute before begging Dad for some back up. Alas, Mom gives her a telling off, but not a big one, because who could resist that beautiful face?


8. Which One Is Guilty?

Maggie, Cody and Murphy are getting a telling off because one of them made a mess. Poor old Maggie proves white doesn’t always equal pure and innocent when she gets ratted out by her buddies, then slopes off when it looks like she has been found out. Her hilarious face means she is forgiven for her felony!


Does your dog get up to no good? Can he or she get you to forgive them almost instantly? Let us know!

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