Junior The Singing French Bulldog Is The Next Rihanna!


We’ve seen Junior the French Bulldog and his singing talent before, but this video really takes the biscuit when it comes to the cute factor. In fact, we’re surprised Simon Cowell hasn’t snapped Junior up to be the star of ALL of his shows.

Junior loves cruising around town with his dad in the car, single along to pop favourites, This time around, Rihanna gets the Junior treatment, with him giving his best rendition of ‘Diamonds in the Sky’. Of course Daddy takes lead vocals, because dogs can’t read music and for the most part, are tone deaf. However, Junior puts some proper welly into the descants, adding another level of adorable to this beautiful song

Watching Junior croon away, get slightly bored in the second verse and start yawning, then join in for a big crescendo finish will have you grinning away. This dog definitely has the X Factor!

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