Rescue Dog With A Show Stopping Under Bite Needs A Forever Home


OK, somebody phone the cute police because this level of cuteness is CRIMINAL! Romeo is the star of this show, and it ISN’T because of his good looks…

No, poor Romeo has a rather fabulous under bite that makes him look just ever so slightly odd (but amazingly adorable at the same time!)

He’s a very polite little dog and knows how to properly sniff butts to greet other dogs, and waits patiently to be offered treats. He can be a bit of a nervous nelly though, barking when he hears strange noises, but he does have the cutest yippity bark you ever heard!

Romeo loves trotting up and down hallways but his absolute favourite thing to do is to snuggle up for cuddles! Why are we telling you all this? Because Romeo needs a home! The poor poppet was abused in a previous life, and has scars on his face from where his muzzle was bound.

If you would like to adopt Romeo, or would like to help find someone who does, please share this post or check him out at

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