35 Corgis To Get You Through Your Day


Hands up who loves Corgis? \o/ \o/ \o/ WE DO!

These cute little fluffy short legged canines are real sweeties so here are 35 Corgis to help get you through your day – a veritable smorgasbord, if you like.

Remember the Corgi bubble butt video? Well we now have for you jumping Corgis, ball chasing Corgis, ball snuffling Corgis, frisbee playing Corgis, barking at snow Corgis and snow gambolling Corgis for starters.

We then have a main course of fly eating Corgis, invisible swimming Corgis, properly swimming Corgis, kitten fighting Corgis and kitten kissing Corgis.

Finally, dessert gives us well trained Corgis playing dead, water fountain drinking Corgis and blanket throwing Corgis.

The thing about ALL of these Corgis? They are all happier than happy just being a dog and spending time with their owners and it is a joy to watch them. We guarantee a smile on your face after watching!

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