3 Week Old Boxer Puppy Howling Will Melt Your Heart


Ready to say ‘awwwww’?

Tobias is 3 weeks old. He is a brave and fearsome warrior of a puppy, with a terrifying spotty nose, wrinkly tummy and neck and big brown eyes full of toughness….

Who are we kidding? Tobias is the cutest little bundle of a Boxer pup and he is right at the very start of his lessons in being a brave guard dog. His owner starts her teaching by making a low howling sound, which Tobias immediately tries to emulate. Frankly, his first attempt is a little weedy. He knows it and his owner knows it so he gives up and goes back for a cuddle, looking sorry for himself.

Luckily, his owner isn’t one to quit easily, so howls again to show him how it is done, and boy does Tobias put some effort into it this time! His howls get increasingly longer, louder and higher, accompanied by little snorts and heavy breathing as he goes. He is so cute when he does this we just wanted to scoop him into our arms for a cuddle.

After all of that exertion, he lowers his head for a rewarding kiss from his owner, in recognition of a good day of learning how to be a dog!


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