17 Dogs Rescued From A Puppy Mill


This is the heart-warming moment that 17 dogs are freed from a puppy mill. Companion Animal Placement Program (CAPP) in Albany, New York rescued 17 dogs from a puppy mill and drove them 12 hours to freedom. The moment the dogs are set free is unbelievably special to see.

The dogs ranged from six months to six years and included the breeds; Yorkies, Bichons, Poodle mixes, Miniature Schnauzers, Beagles and Beabulls (Beagle/Bulldog mixes). The older ones had been bred repeatedly, aging them long beyond their years.

For many of these dogs, it’s a time of glorious firsts: first eye contact, first tail wags, first pets, first steps in the grass, first play bows, first toys … first trust.

Once they received the care they needed, these dogs became wonderful companions who truly understand and appreciate how good life can be.

You can find more about the 17 dogs here http://www.doghouseadoptions.org/17-mill-dogs-for-adoption/

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