A 12-day-old Bulldog Puppy Twitches Adorably While Sleeping


EAll we can say is SQUEEEEEE. You know what a squee is right? That feeling when you want to stamp your feet, cuddle yourself and just let your heart melt because something is just so precious? Well, we found the perfect video for squeeing!

This TINY 12 day old Bulldog already seems to have experienced a lot in his short life and suggests he may be a fitness fanatic when he grows up. His actions and facial expressions while he sleeps looks like he plays a great game of football, with a strong right foot kick in the air to score a goal. He then decides to clap his footballing prowess by slapping his little legs together in delight. Then the cheering begins – or, in his case, the squeaking!

Having tired of football, he attends the dream gym, where you can see him doing sleep sit ups, his tummy wrinkling as he pulls himself up.

After that he ends his dream with a few jumps on the trampoline, showing off his tuck and pike moves, before wearing himself out and settling in for a relaxing nap….