10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

Yorkshire Terrier
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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but small dogs are gaining popularity. People enjoy breeds they can carry with them anywhere and there are a number of dogs that fall into the small category. Here are the ten smallest breeds in the world.

10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

10Brussels Griffon

Most Brussels Griffon dogs weigh only 8-10 pounds. They are easy to transport because of their stature. There are also smaller dogs within the Brussels Griffon breed that weigh in only 6-7 pounds.


This small breed is known for its dogs, who many say have monkey faces. The pups weigh anywhere from 7-9 pounds.


This breed generally only weights 4-6 pounds and is one of the most popular small dog breeds. The dogs are known for their size, but they are also highly intelligent.

7Japanese Chin

These dogs have silky coats and a much wider weight range than most. They can weigh anywhere from 5-10 pounds depending on the dog and their body type.


This breed weight anywhere from 4-7 pounds and is known for being loyal, intelligent, and feisty.


With a weight of only 6-7 pounds on average, the Papillion breed is among one of the smallest in the world.


Pomeranian pups look quite a bit bigger than they are because of their fluffy coats, but they usually only weigh about 7 pounds. You can tell how big they are when they get wet and the full coat clings to their small body.

3Russian Toy

This tiny Russian dog features feathered ears and weighs up to 6 pounds. Many weigh less than 6 as well.

2Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is cousins to the much larger Fox Terrier breed. The toy version of the dog weight only about 6 pounds and that is on the high end.

1Yorkshire Terrier

This feisty dog is usually in the neighborhood of 6 pounds, but there are some as small as only two pounds.

Many of these small breeds are among the most popular in the world. 50 years ago, large and medium dogs were the choicest pets. Today, however, as more people travel and have urban lifestyles, small pets are ideal. There are many benefits to having small dogs. Here are just a few:

On average, small breeds live longer than larger dogs. Depending on the breed, tiny dogs can live anywhere from 12-15 years.

-Cost Effective
Small dogs also require less food than big dogs and their veterinary care is generally less. Any kind of surgery they need, including spaying and neutering, will cost less than it would on a large dog.

Small breeds are often great family dogs, but they are also easy to have in an urban area. They require less exercise and can get everything they want in just one short walk a day.

Small dogs are easy to travel with, no matter where you have to go. You can often fly with them in cabin, which is less expensive than placing a dog on the plane as baggage. Small breeds are also more readily accepted as hotel guests, establishments, retail stores and many other locations.

On the other side, there are also disadvantages to the smaller breeds.

-Small Dog Syndrome
Many small dogs do not realize they are small and they map start fights with larger breeds. They are also not always great family pets since children who play with them can easily injure them.

Every breed has its considerations, but when looking for a small breed, the above list will give you a good start.

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