10 Reasons Why Staffies Are Misunderstood


Staffordshire Bull Terrier‘s make for a wonderful, loving, affectionate and loyal pet. Sadly Staffies have suffered from lots of negative press resulting in a bad name for this fantastic breed.
Staffies are a great family dog, loyal and always eager to please.

Here are just a few reasons why this lovely breed is misunderstood

1. “We love to goof around”

Image source: starsandspirals / flickr

2. “We love to snuggle up”

Staffie snuggle
Image source: germanny / flickr

“We are make for the cutest puppies”

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy
Image source: Martyn Wright / flickr

4. “We just love our naps”

Staffie sleeping
Image source: Ian Harvey / flickr

5. “We know how to strike an impressive pose”

Staffie pose
Image source: starsandspirals / flickr

6. “We love to be looked after”

Image source: Cary Bass-Deschenes / flickr

7. “We will put up with ridiculous outfits just to make you happy”

Image source: NetDiva / flickr

8. “We make great playmates and know how to have fun”

Staffie playing
Image source: hannah sheffield / flickr

9. “We make the best life long companions”

Staffie hug
Image source: starsandspirals / flickr

10. “Our smiles light up our whole faces”

Image source: Mark Hillary / flickr


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